Venus – the Morning Star

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An original 100-acre Stellar-Society piece of land on Venus, the morning star.

You will receive: a magnificent colored certificate with your name and the data of the plot, a map of the planet with the plot drawn in and a wonderful, lovingly designed information leaflet with lots of info about the universe and your new planet. Don´t miss our beautiful colored gift folder to make your gift complete.

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Your property claim on the Morning Star | Venus Sale

Venus is the second-brightest planet in the night sky after the Moon. It is also called the ’Morning Star‘ or ’Evening Star‘ as it is one of the lower-positioned planets and only visible in the sky at dawn or dusk, never around midnight. You can observe it with a small telescope even during daylight, sometimes with the naked eye.

In astrology Venus is – amongst other things– the symbol for bonding power. Beyond that Venus also stands for the planet’s copper which had been understood to stand for the mirror metal of the goddess of love and beauty in ancient times. In the culture of Occident and Orient, the planet was assigned a female character and therefore Venus is the symbol for femininity in modern society and in biology the symbol for the female gender. In Christian tradition, the morning star is a symbol for the arrival of the Son of God and his bright appearance in the darkness of the world. Sometimes Venus is also referred to as Stella maris, a title given to Mary, Mother of Jesus of Nazareth. Venus sale, buy right now.

  1. A total of 100 acres on Venus
  2. A four-colour personalised title deed with your name and the coordinates of the property
  3. Venus map with your property marked on it
  4. Interesting coloured information leaflet with facts about Venus
  5. Free of charge: in addition, all documents are available to you as download within 24 hours.

venus sale


venus sale

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Can we live on venus?

Living on Venus is currently not feasible due to its harsh and inhospitable environment. Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system, with surface temperatures that can reach up to 470°C (878°F), hot enough to melt lead. The planet also has an extremely dense atmosphere consisting mainly of carbon dioxide, with pressure levels that are over 90 times greater than that of Earth. The atmosphere is also toxic, with sulfuric acid clouds that would be extremely hazardous to human health.

These extreme conditions make it very difficult to sustain human life on Venus. However, some scientists have proposed the idea of colonizing the planet’s upper atmosphere, which has milder temperatures and atmospheric pressure levels that are similar to that of Earth. In this scenario, floating habitats would be used to provide shelter for humans, and the necessary resources would be extracted from the atmosphere or transported from Earth.

Despite these proposals, the current technology and infrastructure needed to support human life on Venus are not yet available. Therefore, living on Venus remains a distant and challenging prospect for the future.

9 reviews for Venus – the Morning Star

  1. Cathy K

    The planet 🌟 arrived great and we were very happy

  2. Matylda C.

    Due to an error in the Post, my order was returned, but the team was immediately willing to help me – many thanks for that!

  3. Leni

    We deliver fast and the quality is great!

  4. Ivo F.

    This gift is really nicely wrapped. Delivery is very fast. The product itself is beautiful.

  5. Luise

    A great idea for everyone you love.

  6. Jaxson P.

    We bought the star and are super happy with it! The purchase process was totally easy and the quality is top. Support responded to our request immediately. Stars from us!

  7. Milton S.

    I was worried it wouldn’t be as great as pictured but when it arrived I was delighted. It is very nicely packaged and designed. I can’t wait to give it to the birthday boy.

  8. Aamir R.

    I was amazed by the great customer service and fast delivery. I gave two friends stars for their wedding and it was probably THE BEST gift of the wedding. The stars arrived on time despite my late order.

  9. Darrel S.

    Ordering went smoothly – I ordered online at 2:55pm and it was delivered the next day via DHL. Super Service!

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