No shipping – no costs

There are no additional costs, everything is already paid for with your voucher

We will send your certificate by email within a maximum of 30 minutes. You will receive your certificates, the brochure and your new coat of arms. Your voucher covers the costs if you order your title together with land and 2 certificates. That is one for you and one free for your spouse, fiancé, or friend. For an additional children’s certificate we charge 2 euros each.

Why no shipping

Shipping from Germany to the USA is not only extremely expensive, it also takes quite a long time. Again and again, shipments do not arrive or are damaged upon receipt. We also think that from an ecological point of view it is irresponsible to send something over thousands of kilometers from Europe to the USA. Therefore, we send your certificates by email as pdf. You have your order immediately in hand and can print it. Another advantage is that you can print the certificate in any desired size. Be it in letter format or as a poster, on photo paper or special certificate paper, everything works.

Isn’t that much nicer than paying expensive shipping costs and waiting for weeks?