Mars – the mystic planet

Mars – the mystic planet


An original 100-acre-BuyPlanets Martian piece of land

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Your property claim on Mars

Mars has inspired mankind at all times. In old Egypt Mars was referred to as “Horus the Red“. As the planet moves backwards for a while in its apparent retrograde motion, the Egyptians talked of Mars moving backwards. The name of the Egyptian capital ‘Cairo’ is derived from “Al Qahira“, the old Arabic name for Mars. In Sanskrit Mars is called “Mangal“ (promising), “Angaraka“ (burning coal) and “Kuja“ (the fair one). Mars represents strong action, trust and optimism.

Due to its reddish appearance Mars was associated with deities of war in various cultures. Babylonians saw in him Nergal, the god of the underworld, death and war. For the Greeks and Romans this planet represented their gods of war Ares respectively Mars. In Nordic mythology it stands for Tyr, the god of law and heroic glory. Aztecs called it Huitzilopochtli, the destroyer of people and cities.

  1. A total of 100 acres on Mars
  2. A four-colour personalised title deed with your name and the coordinates of the property
  3. Martian map with your property marked on it
  4. Interesting coloured information leaflet with facts about Mars
  5. Free of charge: in addition, all documents are available to you as download within 24 hours.

Buy a legendary piece of land on Mars with personalised title deed from the original seller. This is supplied to you including an information leaflet of the Martian property and a map with your specific coordinates and marked location of your plot of land.