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To the Moon and perhaps beyond

It is a dream that looks far into the future: travelling to far away planets and a space station on Mars perhaps at one time. And even if it appears very ambitious: We are also offering a claim on a property on Mars today!

Neighbours on the Moon
There will be missions to the Moon and Mars within the next few decades – that is just in the nature of human beings. Stationary bases for manned missions into outer space will be established on the Moon. You can already start to actively prepare construction plans now.

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I am so happy that i bought this and i am sooooo exited to go here in a few hundred years and i am looking forward to see alias and meet Elon Musk.

very pround of my purchase. great delivery. im over the moon.

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I ordered this wedding gift and am very happy with it. The package arrived quickly and contained a beautiful certificate. I would definitely buy it again!

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Everything went easily, quickly and on time - of course also for my wife's birthday. She is now super happy about her new planet. Thanks 🙂

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Our second planet is a lovely gift idea as our son is no longer with us. I see him every day in the starry sky!

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Become a big landowner

We have been selling original land on the Moon, Mars and Venus for more than 20 years. This idea of having a plot of land on a planet is a spectacular idea and has become one of the craziest properties of our time. Where else could you buy 100 acres of land at a bargain price? Stellar Society Embassy® has many fans addicted to outer space, sharing the passion for our vision. Are we not all dreaming of a cosy place on Moon, Mars or Venus?

Buy Planet - A picture of the planet mars

The most spectacular property of our times

Once the demand for lunar properties increases and travelling to the Moon becomes more popular in the near future, the waiting queue at the spaceports is bound to become longer and longer. Builder-owners with a vision to the future should buy a lunar property now – their great-great-grandchildren may really appreciate such a foresight later on. And if an all-inclusive journey to the Moon may become reality in the near future: You can book a return flight to the Moon with us now!

How can one purchase plots of land on planets or moons?

The so-called 1967 ‘Outer Space Treaty‘ of the United Nations set up laws to explore and use space and other celestial bodies. The treaty regulates the use of our Moon. Furthermore, the treaty established a framework for science and utilisation which all states can benefit from in equal shares. However, when drafting the contract one was thinking of governments, not of companies or private persons. This legal loophole offered the opportunity to acquire extraterrestrial properties. In 1984 and again in 2006 the United Nations wanted to add an extension to the ‘Moon Treaty’ prohibiting companies and private persons to own property on the Moon. Only 16 states out of 192 member states agreed to this extension. The rest of the members as well as those nations actively involved in space activities (such as U.S., Germany, China, Russia, Japan…) refused to sign the extension and therefore this law was not ratified in these countries.

Which planet is the best for me or as a gift?


From a romantic point of view, the Earth’s moon has captured the hearts and imaginations of poets, artists, and dreamers for centuries. The moon’s gentle glow and serene beauty have long been associated with love, beauty, and mystery.

The moon is often depicted as a symbol of longing, yearning, and romance, inspiring countless works of art, literature, and music. The sight of a full moon rising over the horizon, casting its silver light on the Earth, can evoke feelings of awe, wonder, and enchantment.

The moon has also been linked to the cycles of nature, with its waxing and waning phases representing the ebb and flow of life, growth, and decay. Its influence on the tides of the oceans and the behavior of animals and plants have further added to its mystique and allure.


Mars may be associated with mystery, adventure, and exploration. The red planet’s distant and otherworldly appearance has captured the imagination of dreamers, writers, and artists for centuries, with many seeing it as a symbol of the unknown and the unattainable.

The romantic view of Mars may also be influenced by its association with the planet’s namesake, the Roman god of war. This connection may suggest a fiery passion and intensity that could inspire feelings of love and desire.

The possibility of colonizing Mars and making it a new frontier for human exploration and settlement could add to the romantic allure of the planet. The idea of setting foot on a new world and building a new society from scratch could evoke feelings of adventure, daring, and romance.


Venus has long been associated with love, beauty, and femininity. The planet’s bright and dazzling appearance in the sky has captured the hearts and imaginations of people for centuries, with many cultures regarding it as a symbol of love and passion.

In ancient mythology, Venus was associated with the Roman goddess of love and beauty, further cementing its romantic associations. The planet’s close proximity to the Sun and its brilliant appearance in the dawn and dusk sky have also added to its mystique and allure.

Overall, Venus is shaped by its associations with beauty, love, and femininity. Its bright and alluring appearance, coupled with its exotic and mysterious atmosphere, make it a potent symbol of romance and desire.

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About us

Let‘s not forget what is most important!

…and that is the one and only Moon: What does the Moon stand for these days? It is a symbol of hope, romantic feelings, achievement and change all in one. And at night – it lights up darkness like a bulb. Do we know of anything that has a more symbolic and romantic character? It is not a toy you can play with for a while. It will never lose its attraction. Once you hold your lunar property in your hands, enjoy it as this is most important of all.

Your property on Mars

Here you can actually acquire a claim on Mars


Your lunar property is located on the side of the Moon facing Earth. In this way you can always look at your home planet Earth. Each certificate contains the exact coordinates and is also marked with a flag on a detailed overview map.

But of course! Or the person to whom you want to bequest the property. But this is just the point. As yet we cannot fly to the Moon or other planets to establish a permanent basis there to live. But it is rather a fact that we may be able to do so some day. Colonies on the Moon may perhaps become reality in 20 years’ time.

Once you have received your property certificate there are no further costs. Not even taxes or other fees, as this is an extraterrestrial property. If you manage to fly to your property in the near or far future at reasonable prices, your property may only be used for peaceful purposes in compliance with the “Outer Space Treaty” . Whatever future has in store, and whether you will have to fence in your property in future remains to be seen.

With more than 20 years of experience in the sale of noble titles from all over the world, we are very pleased that you have found us. Among our fantastic offers are Irish, French, German, African, Arabian, and even Russian titles of nobility, we offer to our very valued customers. Our range is constantly being expanded with further exciting titles.