Moon – 100 acre of lunar surface

Moon – 100 acre of lunar surface


An original 100-acre Stellar Society lunar piece of land

You will receive: a magnificent colored certificate with your name and the data of the plot, a map of the planet with the plot drawn in and a wonderful, lovingly designed information leaflet with lots of info about the universe and your new planet. Don´t miss our beautiful colored gift folder to make your gift complete.

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Your lunar property is a real claim on the Moon. Each individual plot of land is of an identical size of 100 acres. Your lunar property is located on the side of the Moon facing Earth. You will enjoy a breathtaking and permanent view of your home planet Earth.

  1. A total of 100 acres on the Moon
  2. A four-colour personalised title deed with your name and the coordinates of the property
  3. Lunar map with your property marked on it
  4. Interesting coloured information leaflet with facts about the Moon
  5. Free of charge: in addition, all documents are available to you as download within 24 hours.

Buy a legendary piece of land on the Moon with personalised title deed from the original seller. This is supplied to you including an information leaflet of the lunar property and a lunar map with your specific coordinates and marked location of your property.